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About LaToya Bolds-Johnson

Meet LaToya Bolds-Johnson: a resilient breast cancer survivor, passionate advocate, and experienced healthcare provider. With a decade of clinical expertise as a licensed, board-certified physician assistant specializing in emergency medicine, LaToya's journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the age of 36. Her personal experience fuels her commitment to addressing health disparities, advocating for awareness, and empowering women to prioritize their well-being.

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My Story

LaToya Bolds-Johnson is a fierce breast cancer thriver, advocate, wife, mother,

and healthcare provider. She is a licensed, board-certified physician assistant with

a specialty certification in emergency medicine with a decade of clinical

experience. She is a proud graduate of Historically Black Universities. She

obtained her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from Prairie View A&M

University and a graduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Howard

University. In July of 2021, she was diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative

Breast Cancer at age 36.

After being misdiagnosed as having a benign milk cyst after a recent

breastfeeding history, LaToya unequivocally knows what it feels like to be unseen

and ignored. The unfortunate health disparities disproportionately affecting Black

women’s health are deeply personal to her.

LaToya is an advocacy champion. Her experience has led her to spread awareness

through social media, podcasts, news segments, medical conferences, blogging

for health journals, public speaking forums, and collaboration with non-profit

organizations such as Touch Black Breast Cancer Alliance, African Women’s

Cancer Awareness Association, Susan G. Komen, and the Tigerlily Foundation. She

has also formed her own non-profit organization, The Tatas 365, focusing on the

importance of screening high-risk African American women for breast cancer at

earlier ages. She is also a new co-host of a monthly support group of a “TNBC

TOUCH TALK” show through BlackDoctor.Org reaching up to 3million viewers.

She is a fearless participant in a clinical trial. She hopes to achieve heightened

collaborative efforts and educate her community on the need to increase

participation among Black women in clinical research. It is important for her to

build a “medical trust fund” for her three young daughters. Her own personal

participation in clinical research is an effort to contribute to the science centered

around triple negative breast cancer for eradication of this deadly disease. LaToya

currently volunteers by lobbying on the U.S. & State Capitols to help pass into

legislation the SCREENS ACT which will allocate $65 million in funding to help

expand the National Cervical & Breast Cancer Early Detection Program for early

detection and increased access to care.

Originally from New Orleans, LaToya now resides with her family in the Washington, DC, area.

Her inspiring journey as a breast cancer thriver, advocate, and healthcare provider reflects her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of Black women and promoting health equity.


Book her to Speak

Her unique journey, expertise in healthcare, and dedication to raising awareness make her an ideal choice for your next speaking engagement. Don't miss the opportunity to bring LaToya's powerful voice to your event – contact us to secure your booking today.

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